Author of 3 books, public speaker on Efficient Communication (CPEI), Time management and Law of Attraction. Expert consultant who helps you reach your goals to success!

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She worked mostly in medias such as radio and print.

For 15 years, she helped businesses improved their sales and portfolio. Top sales personat first, she quickly moved on to becoming a savvy business developer.

She also devoted time in non for profit organisation. She believes that being of service is her utter purpose in life. She wants to serve as many as possible in developing ways to have a better life.

In 1999, returning from France where she had spent 3 years, she created the Balkan Peace Movement with the intention to raise Canadian public awareness and to encourage governments in searching for peaceful solutions. She starts on her own but rapidly gathers 30 people, Soon, 20,000 people follow her belief in the main streets of Montreal to protest the bombing. Two months later, she was invited to sit in the Parliament in Ottawa and speak with Party opposition leaders. That gave her the absolute certainty that any human can achieve any goal with perseverance and determination.
For 3 years, in 2005, she is marketing manager in the Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce in Ontario. She mostly worked to encourage funding for an animal sanctuary.
Her life was always oriented in wanting to inspire others and achieve goals that many thought impossible.In her spare time, she is a painter and you can see some of her work here: https://sites.google.com/site/slavicabogdanov/home.
She will be featured with many others in New York`s Times Square on June 18, 2012.
Author of ”Be Free” and ”Conversations with Angels”, public speaker,  life coach, Slavica Bogdanov is also corporate speaker with Top Speakers.

Having studied and practiced the methods taught by successful authors in personal development for many years, she combined many of the teachings both spiritual and pragmatic to create a powerful way to help people reach their goal, in any area of life.

She offers services as a life success coach: http://www.slavicabogdanov.com/coaching/

She is currently writing her 4th book: The Simplified Law of Attraction, method she created.

Slavica  is the CEO of http://www.attractitude.com, platform put in place to inspire and help as many people as possible. She wanted a portal that would allow individuals to acquire as much training as they needed in order to make their lives more enjoyable and fulfilled. Slavica feels that each individual deserves to tap into the abundance offered in this life time. Some might need better tools to reach happiness, success, a better health and more money. That is the reason she gathered people knowledgeable in their fields, willing to share and empower others.
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